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Decoration choose roller brush or paint brush?

Release Time:2021-06-16

Building construction, home bedroom design must brush paint, brush paint must apply appropriate special tools, at this stage there are generally paint and paint rolling, the two brush paint methods have length, the following will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of brush paint and paint rolling.

First, paint advantages: new house need electric paint brush decoration, general wall painting is very important, bedroom paint is generally used to paint the way is better and more common, paint, paint is selected to carry out paint, paint brush applied to paint the effect is very good, the key is to save, especially in cost saving. And the paint special tools are simple, the construction is convenient, and it is very easy to grasp the paint brush effect method.

Defects: But paint has its drawbacks; The speed of the application of paint is relatively slow, labor consumption, if the actual operation is not skilled will lead to the uneven brushing situation.

Two, the advantages of rolling paint: the rolling paint is a little bit of its one-time brushing area is large, improve the efficiency of brushing, reduce the amount of labor, than brush more time and manpower saving.

Defects: but the rolling brush is very few people are not common, because the rolling brush consumption of paint to increase the cost; And the actual effect of rolling brush some people are not very satisfactory, rolling brush the wall is very easy to happen the actual effect of the surface, so many people do not like to apply this way.

Paint brush and drum brush selection, choose a good special tool must master a variety of different brush main uses have advantages and disadvantages, do not have to blindly follow the trend of the application of the brush.