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What kind of roller brush do you have?

Release Time:2021-06-16

Drum brush is divided into long hair, medium hair and short hair. The main performance is the length of the brush, rather than the size and length of the drum itself. Toothbrush is generally divided into wool and chemical fiber. Different roller brush coating has different actual effects, long hair roller coated with fine lines, three-dimensional sense, texture composition. Short hair roller coating after the car paint is more symmetrical, smooth, no three-dimensional sense, close to each other in the hair. Drum brush is mostly made of wool and plastic foam, which can be divided into architectural paint drum brush, pressing drum brush, epoxy floor paint drum brush, bullet coating drum brush, etc. The key is to roll paint for large-scale architectural paint in architectural decoration design engineering projects. And can be used to roll all kinds of blending paint, such as: wall paint, anticorrosive paint, internal and external wall paint, wallpaper mounting glue, etc.