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The actual operation steps of coating roller brush and related details are introduced

Release Time:2021-06-16

Wool brush roller paint tool how to use: must be matched with the paint tray application of the drum, because of the wide coverage of the roller, so the wool brush has been considered a cost-saving special tool. In addition, the wool brush is able to increase the rod in the grafting method. After connecting the rod, it can be more easily to brush some high altitude, such as the ceiling and other areas that are not easy to brush. But the wool brush after connecting the increase rod also has a defect, it is relatively easy to splash paint, so if you want to apply, you must be fully prepared in advance, such as paving dust cloth, wearing clothes and so on, so you do not have to worry about dirty clothes.

Wool brush: applied to brush pits and gaps, especially to brush irregular objects, such as guardrail, door panel decorations, door panel side, etc., the defect is more labile, time consuming, and is likely to brush skin broken, so wear rubber gloves before applying the brush. Erik Brush: It is a square tablet brush that allows beginners to brush a smooth and neat surface. It also allows them to change the Angle of view freely to improve their performance. However, the flaw is that the wooden handle paint brush will cause intermittent brush marks if there is not enough architectural paint.

Practical operation steps:

Step 1: Clear the walls. With soft brush or iron brush will wall salt in the whole process of concrete dry impetuous precipitation of milky white fine powder to remove, then watch a few days clear no white powder precipitation, you can wait for cement wall dry impetuous grinding, many aspects of paint.

If white powder continues to precipitate out a lot, paint brush manufacturers can be cleared after a wall paint, to prevent salt corrosion in the future plastic paint brush caused wall cancer. In addition, be careful not to apply oil soluble building paint or waterproof layer wallpaper painting or interior decoration within three months.

Step two: peel off the paint layer.

Measure 3: if stuck wallpaper before disassemble.

Step 4: Repair the surface.

The actual operation steps of coating roller brush and related details are introduced