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How did coating roller brush deal with

Release Time:2021-06-16

At present, the roller brush can roll paint all kinds of mixed paint, organic chemical or inorganic wall paint, anticorrosive paint, wallpaper mounting glue and other raw materials. It is an ideal special tool for engineering and building decoration projects. Most of them are made of nylon wool or plastic foam with working iron handle and are used for rolling paint on a large scale. Below by Tongcheng Jinbang Painting Tools Factory to introduce to you in detail the paint roller brush to do how to deal with.

(1) the first clean roller brush into the paint bucket, waiting for its suction into the appropriate paint, senior paint brush can be in the work table paint rolling. First vertical orientation turnover, the thickness of uneven paint leveling, to sizing clank tieguo cut-off; Then roll the paint horizontally, as the paint on the roller brush decreases, the turnover rate can be moderately accelerated. When the paint on the roller brush is basically used up, you can brush it again with a bristle brush, so that the gloss will be better.

(2) the roller brush in the application without thorough cleaning, just soak it in paint or purification water, the next day can still be applied again. When an engineering project is carried out, it can be cleaned with paint thinner or car gasoline. Generally, it can be cleaned in the paint trays. After cleaning, the dehydrating cylinder sleeve is removed to loosen the villi on the cylinder so as to avoid coiling the villi between each other when stored. When storing, plastic film should be wrapped, but holes should be opened to make the room ventilated and prevent mildew. Wrap the tube sleeve with wrapping paper that is slightly wider than the tube sleeve. Tuck the unnecessary part into the tube sleeve. The cylinder sleeve should stand in, otherwise the fluff will be imprinted. The foam roller brush can not be cleaned with gasoline, and it should be wrapped with paper after cleaning.

How did coating roller brush deal with