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Roller brush manufacturers tell you the drum brush in the paint when the common problems

Release Time:2021-06-16

The viscosity of building paint commonly used in rolling paint should be adjusted according to the wet zone level and hygroscopic speed on the surface of the rural base. High viscosity, poor ability to cover light paint, will harm the flatness of the coating; The low viscosity, thin coating, it is likely to promote the construction.

Daily according to the separation according to the section of construction, no lapping joints, in order to prevent after repair, poor color and even "face". The paint rolling on a floor plan should be carried out continuously as far as possible to prevent marks at the joints.

Rural basic level surface is not common, should apply construction of narrow drum, if bubble happens in rolling paint, small paint brush is eventually one does not have coating slightly dry after dipping in slurry less drum is finally pressed.

During construction, the drum should be properly cleaned and maintained. After completion, the drum should be completely cleaned and reserved for airing and drying.

Good wall paint construction can not only produce a bright and beautiful surface to home furniture, oil brush paint brush can also cover the defects of decoration concealed engineering construction.

The oil scale knife is the special tool that the painter often uses, the application is simple and convenient.

Buy cleaning knife, oil scale knife, preferred Tongcheng Jinbang painting tools factory, categories are complete, quality assurance.

Roller brush actively advocates the application of artificial synthesis to get together fat, soft hair brush or high quality wool brush, prevent the cause of difficult problems from the root. A good brush, take in the hand, should have good feeling: not slippery, not rough, comfortable with. Selection of sheep tail hair, and the selection of single Qi processing technology of wool brush quality is the best.

The tip of the toothbrush can be bent horizontally and can snap back easily to restore the original shape.

The specifications, types and total number of rollers brushes purchased should be equivalent to the engineering grade. In general, the size of the brush should be both. Toothbrush can be presented respectively small flat head shape, tip shape or a certain Angle of view. It really depends on whether the project will encounter some unique looking areas.

Roller brush manufacturers tell you the drum brush in the paint when the common problems