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Roller brush manufacturers teach you brush cleaning polishing machine cleaning

Release Time:2021-06-16

Polishing machine is a kind of equipment widely used by pharmaceutical companies. It uses brushes to polish, which can quickly eliminate the adhesion powder on the surface of capsules and pills, so as to clean them and improve their surface smoothness. This kind of equipment for the closed transportation structure, the human body and drug touch parts were picked from non-toxic, resistance to corrosion of raw materials production, simple structure, is not easy to damage, long service life, actual operation maintenance is convenient, good polishing performance, high efficiency, is a kind of pharmaceutical professional equipment, polishing and cleaning adhesion to capsules and powder on the sheet, The polished capsule is more bright, clean, beautiful and generous, in line with the GMP standard.

Capsule polishing machine by the key hopper, polishing cylinder, sealed cylinder, brush, coupling device, separated bearing, motor, power distribution cabinet, to waste head, hopper and sound card frame.

Medicinal value of the capsule polishing machine principle, is based on the rotation of the brush fitness movement, promote the capsule along the polishing cylinder wall thickness for circular spiral motion, the capsule along the compression spring forward, with the brush and polishing material layer under continuous friction, the surface of the capsule shell polishing, wood handle paint brush polished capsule from the discharge port into the waste bucket. In the waste device, because of the effect of negative pressure, under the cyclone effect of the capsule, the light weight of the capsule is increased, according to the plastic straw into the vacuum cleaner, the net significant standard capsule is landed again, according to the theme activity of the hopper discharge, reasonable polishing to the waste destination. The polishing process is brushed off the drug surface and fine fragments, according to the small round hole in the inner wall of the polishing cylinder into the sealed cylinder, the paint brush wooden handle is absorbed into the vacuum cleaner.

Roller brush manufacturers teach you brush cleaning polishing machine cleaning