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Red wool roller M0904V (red)

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Release Date:2021-06-15

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PE wire is a kind of soft brush wire, which is often used in the vehicle cleaner, and the processing technology of raising lint, so as to maintain the paint surface of the car.

Bristle is commonly used in the polishing of bath brushes or precious objects, such as gold ornaments, SPAR, electronic organ and other surface solutions, but also can be used in the polishing and grinding of cemented carbide tools;

Horse hair is softer than bristle, easier to eliminate floating ash, often used in high-end household cleaning goods, or for industrial production to eliminate floating ash and other main purposes;

Wire such as stainless steel wire, copper wire, generally used to solve the metal surface deburring, its good wear resistance;

Sisal brush wire is a very malleable, heat-resistant, seamless roller brush for absorbing vegetable oils. It is commonly used in pot brushes or high temperature, degreasing applications.

Carbon carbon composite material abrasive abrasive nylon (points, 3 oxidation 2 aluminium abrasive wire, and a diamond abrasive wire), white latex brush roller has the very good wear resistance and corrosion resistance properties, found in the surface layer of PCB processing, galvanized steel pickling passivation line, and the metal laser cutting processing, polishing deburring application;