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European mercerization full effect type DMO911Y

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Release Date:2021-06-15

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The raw material of paint

Rocker paint has plastic handle and wooden handle two handles. The plastic handle is moulded by injection molding. Wood handle divides wood primary color wood handle and wipe oil wood handle again.

The main materials of paint are bristles, cashmere, polyester imitation bristles, etc.

Auxiliary material system brush auxiliary materials have Ma Kou iron, small steel nail, strong glue.

Paint brush after dry rash furniture, do not put the dialog box or door frame in direct sunlight, in order to prevent long-term ultraviolet light direct radiation, resulting in paint cracking and delamination. 2, fine hair roller brush lacquered furniture, prohibit the use of plastic cloth or newspapers and periodicals long-term cover. To prevent the film from becoming sticky and dull. 3, furniture stained with stains can use a cloth dipped in a small amount of soap powder or detergent to scrub, then use cold water, cloth wipe clean. 4. Furniture should be prevented from being carved with artifacts, and can not be hit with other hard objects. 5. The boiling water cup and hot rice cooker do not need to touch the scraping surface immediately. The artistic paint roller is brushed with gaskets to prevent the hot paint film from being damaged. 6, furniture film damage, should immediately spray paint. In case of lumber bulge, bring about condition of bubble, ecdysis.

European mercerization full effect type DMO911Y