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European cloud soft MO912J

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Release Date:2021-06-15

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In the daily architectural decoration design engineering projects of large-scale architectural paint when rolling paint will often be applied to the roller brush;

Is also known as drum, need to supplement of roller brush paint plate application, because the roll surface coverage, so is the most ShengJin, wipers to save time, especially after good increase pole, can literally painted walls high altitude or ceiling, but defect is very easy to cause the paint splash, therefore roller brush hair need not too short, but must be fine, that brush lacquer layer will smooth out;

Application of drum brush only vertical brush can be wiped, if you want to wipe symmetry, the drum in the paint bucket to wait for its sufficient digestion and absorption, then the artistic paint drum brush out on the slope turned over two times, press out unnecessary paint and then gradually painted wall.

Drum brush is divided into long hair, medium hair and short hair, which is mainly shown as the length of the brush, rather than the size and length of the drum itself. Toothbrush is generally divided into cashmere and chemical fiber. Different roller brush will brush out different actual effect, long hair roller will brush out some subtle lines, three-dimensional sense,

European cloud soft MO912J