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Sand roller MO711E

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Release Date:2021-06-15

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The effect of brush is very large, like the soft toothbrush and shoe brush that we usually use, all belong to the type of brush. It can have the effect of cleaning and maintenance. The place where people are smart depends on being able to look for a breakthrough point to take one thing and deal with similar things. How to do the waste on the road, in order to better save human resources, material resources, so it has a road brush.

A road brush is a special type of brush used to clean the ground. It is usually installed under the garbage truck. When the sanitation garbage truck slowly starts forward, the art paint roller brush will start its own work and sweep the waste on the road. Sweep the road there are many different appearance, has a policy of card design, used for cleaning the told the dust of the road, it's brush is mainly made of plastic, also have a circular or annular, key used for cleaning the streets of waste, its main is made of stainless steel wire brush, also has a wheel test, the key used for cleaning the construction on the ground, Because there will be some gravel, gravel and other hard items, so it must be a little harder brush, brush wire at this time is generally composed of strong stainless steel wire, telescopic rod roller brush like cleaning snow brush, generally with brush roller.

Sand roller MO711E