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Velvet Master IMO904J-DP

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Release Date:2021-06-15

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Polishing brush, is a very common use of brush goods, the key for the surface of the thrown items to carry out deburring, detailed grinding and polishing, etc., is mainly made of fine wire frame, it contains a lot of sorting neat, stretching out of the fine brush wire composition.

The composition of a thin wire extending outward. The polishing brush credit card in the appropriate arrangement of the bench drill, digital drum brush vertical drill or card in the CNC lathe, horizontal grinding machine, can be carried out processing. For heavy large product workpiece processing, can be stuck in the air drill, hand drill. Ratio of speed depending on the size of the workpiece in 50-100 RPM/classification of independent selection. Left and right moving rate is about 30/ min up and down, generally left and right moving 8~10 times reciprocating can be. The special tool brush for deburring and polishing should be carried out or moved in the condition of rotation. In processing, it is best to use light grease, without the use of organic solvents. It is not suitable for high temperature, dry and high speed operating conditions. Deburring polishing special tool brush in the selection of diameter, self-made roller brush is generally 5~15% larger than the diameter of the processing can be.

Velvet Master IMO904J-DP