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What kind of drum brush is there

Release Time:2021-06-16

In the whole process of home decoration, we all know that you can't brush the walls without the drum. At this stage, most of the drum brush on the sales market is made of cashmeres or plastic foam, such as plastic art layered coating drum brush, hair drawing drum brush, epoxy floor paint drum brush, shell coating drum brush, etc. In the whole process of home decoration, the types of paint construction roller brush are not the same, and the actual effect and way of paint construction are not the same. Below the roller brush manufacturers bring you together to understand.

1, drawing roller brush series products ductile drawing, relief pattern drawing construction special tools -8 inches, 5 inches drawing roller brush, suitable for ductile paint, moisture-proof paint, composite relief pattern paint, external wall lacquer and a variety of engineering building interior wall decorative panel modeling design.

2. Special tools for coating roller brush series products, special tools for coating roller brush series products -- white background gray and blue strip roller brush lines are subtle, and economical. Applicable to all kinds of smooth surface, highly recommended for all kinds of soft light, matte interior and exterior coatings.

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The air humidity during construction is generally 60% ~ 70%. If the environmental humidity is too low and the gas is too dry, it will make the organic solvent evaporate too fast and the coating solidify too fast, making the coating dry and solid. But high environmental humidity natural environment or precipitation temperature is not suitable for construction. Different from the coating type, the construction temperature should be controlled according to the temperature in the product introduction.

What kind of drum brush is there