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Roller brush wholesale material details

Release Time:2021-06-16

Wool roller brush is a key component of the brush, paint brush wood handles are commonly used in the decorative industry. High quality wool brush with a large amount of paint, good leveling, can be evenly spit out the paint, the car paint surface smooth, thin and thick consistent, not easy to brush the surface with brush lines and toothbrush, engineering construction feel smooth, durable and other characteristics.

Generic paint brush manufacturers below for everyone to produce wool rolling brush materials in detail:

This type of brush application of water-soluble paint, in the brush before the first tap water will be wet brush; When applying an oil-soluble paint, wet the brush with ethanol. Remove the unnecessary liquid suction of the brush, so that the brush is damp and not wet, so that the brush can be stronger digestion and absorption of paint, easy to brush. Pour 1/3 to 1/2 of the toothbrush bristles into the paint and gently press the inside side of the paint vessel to squeeze unnecessary paint from the brush. When brushing, brush and brushing surface should be maintained about 45 degrees, release certain working pressure, wooden handle paint brush to make toothbrush slightly bent. After each brush, gently lift the brush. The brush marks should be long and flat. To prevent overpainting, paint unpainted areas to painted areas. When painting wood, it should be painted along the direction of the wood grain. With the brush along the azimuth of besmear brush gently, can get more even, plump and bright lacquer layer. The high quality wool brush has long peak, strong peak and strong ductility. Not easy to shed; The wooden handle is made exquisitely on the whole, packaged beautifully and intact. However, the wool with weaker quality has shorter brush peak, thinner brush peak and poor ductility. There is hair loss; Wooden handle is not smooth, generally there is no paint and simple packaging.

Roller brush wholesale material details