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Release Date:2021-06-15

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In the contemporary metallurgical industry, several production processes and processes will be applied to brush roller products, the following brief details.

1, pre-pickling line (pre-pickling line) : mainly brush roller to descaling.

2, PicklingLine (PicklingLine) : the key brush roller to remove the stains caused in the whole process of pickling.

3. CleaningLine: active ester containing surface for reasonable deoiling; And remove the acid and alkalinity of the solution in the continuous oil; The telescopic rod roller brush can remove rust or grease at an angular speed of less than 150 m/min.

4, cable and seamless steel tube (Wirerod andSteelTube) : the key function is descaling.

5, StainlessLine: digital roller brush with brush roll descaling to prevent silver brass effect; And can be hot annealing and pickling line, reduce peak height (polishing), can be used in continuous annealing and pickling line casting and rolling process.