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Icon artificial seaweed cotton drum I0770F/115-1

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Release Date:2021-06-15

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Brush roller several types of production and manufacturing methods:

1. Plant hair immediately

It is a traditional method, is the nylon silk, abrasive silk immediately planted in the press roller.

Defect: although the strength can be very high, the roller can be used to brush the latex paint is to increase the cost of hair planting, and can not carry out part of the replacement, is the early helpless selection.

2, winding type

Advantages: a wool planting method introduced from overseas, the abrasive wire is made into a metal material that can be wound, and then wound on the grinding roller, which can be customized according to the length of the grinding roller.

Defects: because the abrasive wire is stuck in the metal material, so it will cause the wire scraping (abrasive wire is pulled out), the seamless roller brush strength is not high, and after winding only the two sides are fixed, so it is difficult to do in the middle of the tight, if one end of the loose, it will cause a safety accident.

3. Nylon sleeves

Advantage: simple processing technology

Defects: it is a kind of more problems, nylon heat expansion and cold contraction will cause nylon elongation, so that the nylon on both sides of the roller grow out of the grinding roller and against the equipment will also cause the nylon sleeve bulge crack, so that the whole grinding roller damage; The application of horse-riding nails to plant toothbrush, the strength is not high, very easy hair removal; Nylon is not strong enough to grow relative density and things like that...

Icon artificial seaweed cotton drum I0770F/115-1