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Release Date:2021-06-15

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Industrial brush, brush roller, soft brush application scope is more common, the roller brush tools used in the production and manufacturing of raw materials are also different according to the application of natural environment is not the same, industrial brush categories are more colorful and complex, is a simple analysis of the following.

A, industrial brush roller application scope

1. Cleaning, polishing and polishing of various industrial products and raw materials.

2, metal material metal material surface solution.

3. Surface cleaning and grinding of printed circuit board.

In a word, industrial brush roller is widely used in the metallurgical industry, such as: fine hair roller brush at high temperature transport of amorphous strip, rough surface solution, surface removal, removal of oxide skin, plate polishing and so on.

Two, the application category of nylon brush roller containing abrasive

The abrasive nylon brush roller is made of imported 612 nylon and domestic 1010 nylon, and 20-40% of the polishing materials invested in it are used as the raw material for the brush roller. It has the advantages of high compressive strength, rich stiffness, fatigue resistance, acid resistance and high melting point. It is a super strong and wear-resistant brush roller.

Imitate seaweed cotton decorative roller I0880F/117