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Mane brush with plastic handle PB0104

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Release Date:2021-06-15

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Along with the continuous development trend of industrial production, the type of brush roller has also changed. Now let us know what kind of brush roller is.

1. The silk brush roller has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, non-toxicity of raw materials and zero pollution, so it is very popular in the food industry, and high temperature resistance is also very popular in the cotton textile.

2, the wire brush roller has good wear resistance and strong corrosion resistance, machine key for stainless steel plate cleaning, rust treatment and stainless steel plate surface production processing and polishing.

3, sisal brush roller, can remove static electricity, ash removal effect is very good, paint brush to use for a long time.

4. The key of the wire brush roller is used for cleaning and polishing the surface of the stainless steel plate. The paint brush handle can reasonably remove the surface of the black metal oxide.

5, brush roller key for leather products, wood floor or furniture surface polishing and polishing waxing. The actual effect is better than the general brush roller. Electric door telescopic door manufacturers also emphasize that there are many kinds of brush roller, can be selected according to different main uses.