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A professional manufacturer of roller brushes, but also a series of decoration tools such as ordinary paint brushes and shovel blades.

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Our factory designs and manufactures satisfactory products for you with advanced technology, strict management and professional teams

Win customers with integrity, establish a brand with high-quality goods, customer first, service attentively, excellence, professionalism, concentration, focus, and do every product!

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More than 20 years of production history

Since the factory was established in 2002, we have 20 years of production experience. It has a leading position in the drum industry. We have always been mainly engaged in foreign trade exports. Products are sold all over the world. Now it has hundreds of


More than 30 series, thousands of products, diverse styles and complete series

The company has set up a professional R&D team to continuously overcome technical difficulties and develop new products every quarter. The product adopts new technology to ensure that Shuining brand products occupy a leading position in the field of r


The company has a technical research team of dozens of people

The company attaches great importance to technical advantages, constantly develops new styles of products, adds new features to products, and develops series of products. There are new products on the market every quarter, in response to the needs of diff


Perfect after-sales service system-professional technical support

Factory one-stop service, providing private customized services, according to customer needs, provide customers with product customization services, put forward reasonable suggestions, and provide customers with brush products that meet their needs. In ad

Strength makes customers and service makes brands

High-quality products, perfect after-sales service, cases all over the country, are favored by the majority of new and old customers!

About Us

About Shuining

A professional roller brush factory with decades of production experience, an important domestic roller brush production base, with 12,000 square meters of self-owned workshop, high production efficiency, annual output of 20 million mini roller brushes and 7 million American roller brushes. Rigorous and practical working methods, efficient and capable management team. High-quality products, with 2 invention patents and 7 utility model patents. Strong technical support for independent research and development of professional equipment.

High-quality pre-sales and after-sales service, with cost-effective products. To be the leader of the roller brush production industry is our unanimous goal.