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Wood handle bristle brush PB0204

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Release Date:2021-06-15

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What is a brush? Obviously, most people don't have to think twice about it to know it's for cleaning purposes, and generally don't care too much about such gadgets, since you can buy a very good brush for up to a dollar on the market. But for the vast majority of people, it must be unclear that even that little thing can do a big job.

We all know that PVC is a very wear-resistant material, so the PVC brush made of such materials must not be very good. This is really a very big problem, but this kind of brush also has their advantages, that is, high quality and low price, if you can according to technical improvement, let this kind of brush get rid of the defects of wear resistance, will appear higher sales market.

PVC is a very cheap material, because many factories are used to make a variety of requirements to meet the brush. However, because of the thickness of the paint brush brush of this kind of material is not resistant to wear, so the paint brush consumption is also very large.